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Keith Shanks is Co-Founder and Owner, alongside his wife Patty Gii, of Rott n’ Grapes, a local neighborhood wine and beer bar. Their idea came from the love of their rottweilers and a passion for great wine.

There are two locations right here in Phoenix. The first to open was their Uptown location, located in the heart of Uptown at the base of Landmark Tower in the breezeway. The second location that just recently opened in the summer of 2018 is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix off of Roosevelt and 3rd Avenue.

Discussd On This Episode

- Keith discusses the importance of being involved in your community and how it impacts reputation management.

- What is reputation management?

- Why Rott n' Grapes is in Kandis' regular rotation of restaurants.

- What's the difference between the Uptown and Downtown locations?

- Keith talks about his goal of having 5 Rott n' Grapes locations open throughout the valley by 2024.

- Keith talks about how amazing their staff is at both locations.

- Keith discusses his and Patty's responsibility to the public, and why it's important that their locations have a high walkability factor for most of their patrons.

- How important it is to divide and conquer when you are running a business with your spouse. - Keith talks about how his wife Patty is a very strong and independent woman.

- The importance of having accountability and driving your own success.

- What is the impact or legacy that Keith hopes to leave behind?

- They discuss the impact social media has on business today.

- What is Kandis' favorite food to order at Rott n' Grapes?

- Why Kandis started The Kandis Show? - Who does Keith call when he needs business advice?

- What is Keith's morning routine?

- What Keith's one piece of advice is for listeners.

- Keith discusses the importance of family and talks about his three sons.

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